Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year

Hello! Chinese lunar new year 2009 is kinda over for me....with no more visiting to do le...

Hope that everybody got a huge share of red packets this year... =)

I for once had to give out red packets this year.

Kinda sad that i didn't managed to catch the fireworks at chinatown this year, although i was there. But missed it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Platoon Reunion Gathering 2009

Today was half day for the battalion, CO organized a out of camp 5km run.

Its my first time, running a distance more than my usual 2.4km run for my IPPT. Nevertheless, there is always a first time to everything. SO! positive outlook.

McDonald breakfast for all after the run, breakfast never tasted so good before, maybe because too hungry after the run liao le.

After breakfast, handed out red packets to my platoon mates, a small token of luck and prosperity.

Thank goodness, managed to hitch a ride from west coast park to toa payoh mrt station, credits to elmer's dad.

After reaching home, had a packet of instant noodles with egg, then took a nap, all the way till 430pm, when it was time to meetup with elmer, to gab's house for BBQ dinner.

Pity that not the whole platoon was there to have the gathering, but we always see each other in camp until sian. LOL.

02 more days to CHINESE LUNAR NEW YEAR 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Be a man, do the right thing....

YES! Finally i can say, this time round, i got a sliver for my 2nd year's IPPT.

No mistake this time, its a sliver for me.

I'm confirmed signing on as an army regular, not because i want to, but rather because i felt that its a right thing to do, now that i have a family of my own. Thus every decision i make in the future that concerns my future, will directly or indirectly affects my family's future.

A new year, a new beginning. Just hope that 2009 will bring me much wealth and happiness.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally Home.....

I'm Home....

After being in camp for the past 6days....due to weekend guard duty on saturday.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

St Regis Hotel

Some random photos i took, when i undertook a photography job @ St Regis Hotel. Not the main photographer, i was just some paparazzi-to-be.

Happened to saw David Gan @ the event, and took 2 pictures of him.

I also took some of many beautifully dressed up ladies and handsome gentlemen, on site.

GoodBye 2008, HELLO 2009

Well, 31st december 2008 marked the end of 2008's chapter in life.

What can i say....

Alot of things happened in 2008 itself. Lets do some recalling of events in my life....

Eariler in 2008, before the chinese lunar new year, i found out that dearest was pregnant, but didn't know how many months she was in then. It was a seriously unexpected news, but we made a decision to be together. So, one evening during the week, we broke the news to our parents.

Oh my goodness, you should had seen my face's expression. But her parents gave us the approval to get married FINALLY. Initially not...

It was in the time of trouble, did the true faces of friendship surfaced. I'm glad i didn't made the wrong choice of befriending all my good buddies and sisters. They helped me quite abit during my pre-wedding preparation, and after wedding preparation. Cheers to all!

So in 23 march 2008, dearest and i tied the knot, husband and wife in this lifetime. =)

If you asked me, had i regretted my actions, and getting married so early. I would be frank, the toughest part is not about being married, but taking care of baby mavrick. Super duper lots of patience must be exericsed. Baby mavrick sure tested me to the limits, unknown to him, of course. hahaha.

Well, and so dearest and i married. I love my meow meow. *muacks*

9 whole month passed, and baby mavrick was born on the 30 august 2008. The moment he was born, i was so happy. I'm a father of my own son liao le. I dunno what the future will bring me to, but one thing i'm very sure was that, i'm a father now, and siong ah...hahaha.

5 minutes into the birth of baby mavrick, he gave me the brightest look from his eyes, and he was playing with his saliva, blowing bubbles....incredibly mavrick.

An eye opening experience it was, to being beside dearest, when the time was due for baby mavrick's birth. Lots of blood and lots of pain in my heart. Scared and Couragous dearest was. In fact, it's really fortunate that dearest didn't had to under the knife to bring mavrick into the world.

Well, baby mavrick is now 4mths old...and he is growing into a healthy and smart baby boy.

Of course 2008, also brought me quite a fair bit of experiences, during my days in the army. Been to india for training. Saw india lifestyle and gone thru it for close to 3wks. Siong and Sandy.

Ah! not forgotting. 2008 was the year, i got my driving licence, my 1st DSLR, the startup of this blog, first time rent a car, and many others. *smiles*

Hope that in 2009, i will strike big in lottery, a regular career, and most importantly, happiness, safety and good fortunate to all my friends and love ones.