Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all

Merry christmas peeps. Hope some of you guys went down to orchard rd for countdown to christmas.

Christmas always spells the ending of the year, 6 MORE MONTHS TO ORD!!!!!!

Red cliff pt 2 coming soon....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas in the tropics 2008

Pictures taken with sin yi, yin jia, dearest and me, on the eve of hari raya. This year's christmas decoration theme: Christmas in the tropics 2008.
Was surprised to see labels such as coca cola having a christmas tree made up of glass bottles. Just as last year, plaza singapura had lightings on the several small trees outside the mall, but was too late, when we finally walked back to PS, the lighting decoration was switched off. *sad*
Going up to vivocity soon, for the huge christmas tree in the SkyPark.
It was pretty hard to get a decent shot in the early night. We could only get the shots that we wanted at late hours. Siong....
Saw alot of people holding onto their DSLR....i think only mine is sliver in colour....i mostly saw people holding onto NIKON, perhaps the latest D90. *omg*
How ironic, for the merry christmas "entrance" to be put up right before the ERP gantry.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Driving in the rain

Did some driving today from my parents-in-law's house to my house, bringing mavrick home for a short while.
The weather turned bad to worse, and firstly it was light raining, shortly, it became heavy raining. With the wiper swipping from right to left and vice verse, i could hardly concentrate on the road condition, and looking for motorcyclist. It was intense and full of stress, until i cannot take it liao, i leaned forward to 1cm away from windscreen to have a better view of the road. LOL! dangerous but i checked no car liao, then went ahead with the leaning...scary...

Baby mavrick is getting adorable by the weeks. Just so happened to took a candid shot of him.
Thats him, when he is in need of sleep. = Let me sleep, if not i bite you =

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Easy to lost, difficult to obtain.


I passed my TP le, i'm finally a driver.....after 4mths worth of practice and L-plate + 1 x Final theory + 3 x Basic theory.


I think my face turned white, when the tester brought me to his desk, and kinda lectured me on some of the mistakes i made throughout the route of test. In total, i kana deducted 14pts.

2pts - incorrect E-brake techinque

4pts - incorrect usage of gear when negotiating a bend

8pts - crossing of junction, in ember light.

So, as you can see, crossing the ember light at junctions deduct most points. SIONG!

Its now the awaiting time for my photo licence.

~ waiting ~

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A sunday in the tropical

Did you know, the theme for this year's christmas deco is: Christmas in the tropics 2008.
Orchard Rd was lighted up, on the 14th nov, @ 7, i think. As usual, dearest and i, would be taken photos here and there along orchard rd. =)

2 more days to my tp driving test, and i mounted kerb @ the circuit for the first time. GREAT! so....anything can happen, even at the last moment. I'm keeping my fingers crossed until i get my license.

Baby mavrick came over today. I took a photo of him sleeping, with the potrait lens:

and a shot of both dearest and baby mavrick:

actually i'm grateful to dearest for taking care of baby mavrick, even though i'm not around. Its seriously not easy taking care of a infant - seriously

I just found out that a normal kit lens can be used a super macro lens, if you use it the other way round. But of course, have to dismount the lens first, then manually hold the lens to the mouth of the DSLR, and focus manually, and shoot.

My first try out:

Monday, November 10, 2008

AH HA! 50mm lens....hands on.

I finally got my hands on a canon EF 50mm F1.8 II. Its actually a prime lens, which is good for taking portait shots. Although the demand for this lens is fairly high in the 2nd hand market, which could easily fetch for $100, BUT! i got it for only $50. Total bargain.

A fellow clubsnap forum-er, told me to re-advise my buy price of @ $50, because nobody in the right mind would sell it off @ $50. LOL! Anyway, i posted quite long ago, dunno why suddenly got this person come and ask me if i'm interested to buy @ $50. I was spectical at first, but $50 well spent, after viewing the condition. Nice....

Sunday, November 9, 2008

4th November 2008

Hmmm, 4th of nov 08 was dearest's 20th birthday. Didn't want to have the usual dinner + movie, then go home le. SO! i decided that this year, i would bring her to the singapore flyer, since i promised her last year that i will take her there when its up and running. So yea....

This was taken, just out the flyer's building, it was still bright and shinning then.

A huge lit up poster, just before entering the flyer's boarding bay. LOL.

Ah HA! Here is the birthday girl. Nice view, but the skin tone was messed up by the sudden appearence of the bright LEDs all round the flyer wheel. But still, she looks good. =)

Here is another picture of dearest taken, moments before the capsule dock at the bay.

Nice singapore night view. Just me and dearest picture 1

Okie! that's me and dearest picture 2.

Just nice, the halloween celebration decorations was still up, when we went. So decided to take some candid shots, this is one of the few shots taken.

Just like christmas 2007, we wanted the flyer as the hind view, just like the paragon's christmas tree as hind view. If on flash, we kana over expose, if never on flash, so dim and dull. But still better than over exposure.

Well, finally picture was actually intended for the water fountain works, together with the flyer, BUT! i considered myself to be kinda sway, reached the spot, then the water works stopped for good. ARGH!!!! wasted!!!! BUT! nevertheless, here's the singapore flyer for you, dearest. =)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The weekends, like waves here & gone

Saturday was sort of a busy day; after lunch @ Hougang Green, went back to dearest's house to see our little one: baby mavrick.
Luckily brought along my DSLR, and captured some of his cute baby poses. But out of 10, 8 were blured shots. Had to filter out, and show only the unblured.
Took the opportunity to take a trio family photo, with dearest's Z20FD. Had to save my DSLR's juice for the evening shots. =)
Evening came, met up with the GV gang for dinner @ marina SQ - Seoul Garden BBQ buffet. As it was a advance birthday celebration for baby & nette, thus cake was cut and served in the outlet itself. Together with all who were there, we took a group photo together. Appreciate the WIDE ANGLE LENS, people! otherwise cramp like mad. SIONG!
While the rest of the remaining evening was spent @ marina SQ itself. Dearest & I did not missed out taking some shots of the nice paint-art, just before entering the bowling area, which were impossibly unnoticable to the general public. LOL.
Christmas 08 is coming, have to save to get some telephoto and portait lens, to take some nice pictures. =)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Updated & Added

Pictures of baby mavrick, taken last week, while his 1 night stay at my house. Time files, baby mavrick is now 2mths old le.

Today was my battalion's anniversary, CO decided to keep it short and simply. Went to Lido, to watch tropic thunder, and this was the only picture i took of my platoon. Initially wanted to take a complete group photo, but couldn't find a suitable place, and many of them left soon after the show ended. *sad*

A picture view of what i usually see, when i look out of my window. The sad new is that i wouldn't be able to see it soon, because got to shift house le, to sengkang, to stay with my aunty. *sigh* Reluctant to shift house, but it has to be done. There is simply nothing i can do to stop the action from happening, due to one man's selfishness.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A picture of what i bring to camp, everytime i book into camp.
Life is boring, in camp.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shots of Baby Mavrick....

Baby mavrick was @ my house, last saturday. Although it was only for awhile, but it was nice being able to take care of him, and kissing him throughout the hours spent......*muack*

Its my time @ home...hahaha!

Finally, the gaming event is over. Although i dun like but i dun hate it either, but i seriously don't look forward to the next coming gaming event, in april. *sucks*
It was kinda rainy, the whole of today....even through it didn't affect in any ways or another. But i'm always wary of catching a cold...
New updates for PSP, and new games encountered and to play with....nice!
Nothing much to do today, so i decided to play with my two canon cameras: Compact Ixus 400 & DSLR 300D.
Took some photos and edited them for some effects shown above: