Sunday, August 31, 2008

The birth of a beautiful prince

Well, the happiest day, a man could ever have. The birth of his very own son. Thats right.

My son, little mavrick was born yesterday night, in KK hospital. Oh my goodness, its really once in a lifetime experience to be able to witness the whole birth-giving process. Turned me off, but hey, the fruit of it all, told me that it was worth the while.

Thanks to all who sent me regards and congrats.... =)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nervous, Anxious, Pending, Waiting, Hoping

Today was supposingly to be baby mavrick's due date. But da, he didn't came out today, so was quite disappointed, but i'm sure all that are meant for, will be meant for. No questions asked, it will be meant for.

Tommrrow, got scanning and checking up to do, early in the morning....

Planned to hougang mall.....before checking up @ KK.

Good news, both mother and baby are fine....
Bad news, there are no bad news....
Heard a poem from my mom:

Nothing Venture, Nothing Gain
Few minutes of Venture, Nine months Pain.
Out of KK, Try it Again.

Photos, courtesy of you sheng:

Candid Shot:

Monday, August 25, 2008

Although budget da ta, but fun was not compromised at all.

The dawn of the AHM 2008 was fun, and giving out drink and ba-nanas, wasn't a easy feat. It was both rushing and energy draining.

Energy draining, because due to stock movement, we had less than 3hrs of uninterrupted rest. The place of rest? - the underpass in the direction of esplanade, where hip hoppers chill out, if one knows where i meant.

No camera phones, no pictures, pity.....

The dusk of the AHM meant sai kang for the company. Movement of stocks to and fro, from the field to the tonners....sick people meant SIONG AH for us. A sin commited due to SERIOUSLY TOO MUCH WATER in bottles, then wasted.

We had too much to move, and till CO told us, bo bian liao. All can go home liao le. LOL.
I took a cabby home, because seriously bo bian, i'm totally wet to the tip as we worked in the rain.

Reached home @ around 4plus, cannot take it liao, bathed and koon.....till 9plus, met up with melvin, audrey and chee siang for supper.

First stop, geylang - for some tim sum, consisting of mee sua, soy bean drink and you tiao.
Second stop, Bugis - for some desserts consisting of ice cream, yam paste, mango sago and beans.
Third & final stop, GEYLANG yet again, for tasty 3 x sum pang durians. Auntie cheated us.

Thanks melvin for being the man behind the wheels, and we didn't bring much cash out, all i had with me was $5.

Thanks chee siang for, being the man, being the "cash cow". LOL!

The line that ends it all: I enjoyed my sunday.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The phrase of waiting is coming to an end

Time sure files, and i seriously meant flying....
The past of of 9mths of wait, grown and anxiety, is coming to an end.
What is left of the wait, is to embrace, to nuture, and see him grow into a fine adult.

Baby Mavrick

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Realising the X-factor in everyone besides yourself is IMPORTANT

The weekends....hmm, what do i have to say about the weekends huh? short simple gone. Move on! LOL.

Last weekend was a burner, to mental and physical and to preciously meows.

Yesterday being a friday, was the most siong, and i meant extremely siong friday i ever had, since my inital training at AI. My PC indented a company's battle course, and he made the platoon, as the indiviual detechment carry their detechment's most heavy guy, from one long road till the end of the point, which is a gate. My detechment was made to carry my buddy, my prepare-er, whom i think weights about 80plus KG....oh my gosh, boy was he heavy, and i think i kinda sprained my back for such an attempt. But it was for good fun, i admit to it.

Like i mentioned before in my previous post, there is always a first time to everything.

SO thank god, THAT singapore is always peaceful and NO WAR, otherwise SIONG AH.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Headful of agony and exhastion

This is the first time, i'm updating my blog using my company's computer. I am able to do so, because there is simply nobody else in the room except FOR ME!!!! Its National day night, and everyone had booked out except for 5 of my platoon, FOR SUNDAY'S GUARD DUTY!!!!!

Damm the duty.......

The start of the national day for me, began, with driving lesson from 930am till 11am....and after which as usual, i headed home after lesson, and after bathing and washing up...i went to sleep, or rather, its a nap, because i want to wake up in time to have lunch with my dearest.

Not much time spent with my dearest today, although it was a saturday......HAIX!!!! PISSED!!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

What a week of Crap

Finally! The brigde change of commander's week is over.

The week was terrible, since like almost everyday, the platoon's bunk will be empty, during late morning and all the way till late afternoon. Most of us were involved in the parade, be in IN the parade or as road "blockers". HAHA.

But i think the most siong, would be the two drivers, shermz and jake. Their skin was iterally "burned" till red hot chill. Scary....HENG AH! didn't kena like them, i got to stand under the shades, and watch the parade go on....

Initially we were told that, the usual booking out on friday, is impossible as we had some preparation to do, before the FTX in the coming week. Then the whole platoon sian till speechless, but still carry on as normal on friday. The parade ended at around 7+, and after a short rest, we carry on with the FTX preparation, such as carrying of stores to the vehicles, and mounting of equipments onto the vehicles....

We were lucky that, we managed to get everything done, before 2359, and we were able to book out at around 2245. Except the drivers, as they have to low load the vehicles, the next day to gegong camp, for FTX. Poor drivers.

Managed to reached home before 12midnight.

The next day, received a news that there might be an activation for the day. ARGH! but it turned out to be an false alarm and i went out, to plaza sing, to catch THE MUMMY 3. Overall, i give the show, 3 out of 5 STARS. I find the storyline quite predictable and no surprises installed.

Sunday, woke up at 9am, started the day off, with my stomach feeling weird, i thought it will soon be gone, but the feeling was there, and all the way till i had my driving the midst, i could sudden feel crap coming out of my anus. OH MY GOD!, i had to quickly "withdrew" the THING in, before it reached my pants. HENG AH! Managed to reached home quick enough, to unload the "cargo"

Next week, national day fast...and soon ATEC stage 2 will appear and the platoon will have to deal with it.