Thursday, June 11, 2009

Updates From Ah YOW

Today marked the start of the JUNE 09's PC SHOW @ suntec convention halls.

So happened to had seen Jun Hao, Dan and Wayne. LOL....the world is small. Cody happened to be working with the canon printing side.

Many good buys, but i didn't buy, then i regret, then i sian half half. But $4 for a laptop cooler?!?! head on down to suntec PC show now.

My god sister, miss serene is working at the COMPAQ side, if anybody wishes to buy a COMPAQ laptop, maybe she can give you a better deal? Remember - Serene. <----

Miss Sin Yi brought her first digital camera today, a canon.

Why canon over nikon? Because canon has got international warrenty, biggest 2nd hand market, and because its a best selling brand for years. Nikon is also good, because its optics is world renowed, nikor lens, whereas canon is canon lens. Nikon vs Canon, you be the judge. =)

Prior to ORD, got a job as a nokia sales consultant. First depolyment site is @ parkway parade shopping mall, as of 16th june 2009. Anybody interested in nokia phones? =)