Saturday, May 31, 2008

Daily aggression

Today i shall blog about the daily aggression, that we face everyday, in our daily lives.

it came across me, that aggression itself appears in many forms, in many places.

For example, i was walking down a street just now, and there were many people walking on that street, at the same point of time. How do i ensure myself that i will not get hindered by people who stopped suddenly, obstructing my way, to picked a dropped coin, or people who just wanted a slow walk, or people pushing a pram with their baby inside, or people who has no sense of direction? I encountered all the mentioned happenings at the same time. LOL!

Thats where aggression on the mere streets came about. If i was a busy man, rushing to get to office in time, i would practically push my way around and maka angry hisses @ whoever obstructing my way. Of course, i'm not saying its wrong, its just the nature in us. But what if i'm not alone, but with my wife? It will surely be different view, because obstruction will not only be to myself but my wife as well, and who in the world would want to obstructed while walking? So aggression takes place again on the streets.

Imagine, the whole street filled with aggression of right of way to walk, what would it turn out to be? *Point to ponder*

In fact, aggression do not happens just on the streets, it happens on the road, as car drivers unwillingly gave way to buses, taxies and other transportation with wheels.

Vedict: Consideration for others, is the cure of aggression, regardless of where you are. If you are the streets, be mindful and keep to your left. If you are driving or riding, be mindful and signal early and please know where you are going to, if you don't know, please check out the street directory first before moving your vehicle. Prevention of a accident is better than a cure for it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The fall of a family unsung heroine

To start it off, my grandmother aged 94 this year, passed away peacefully on the 28th May, around 2am, as according to my mother.

I received the news via SMS, from both my younger brother and mother, when i was in the midst of training, at the western end of singapore, in my tank.

The feeling then was descib-able by two words: SHOCK & LOST.

Shocked by the unexpected news and somehow the news jolted me out of stumpness, and brought me, lost in my every own thoughts of my grandmother. It was a very sad moment for me personally as a grandson. My mind could only brought me back to the very moment i touched her skin, when i visited her in the hospital. That was it, the last touch.

Vedict: The value of a human being life does not depend on how many years one had lived through, but rather, what good causes did one created, during the years lived.