Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sentosa March 2009.

Recently went to sentosa, for a group outing. 4 girls, and 1 guy - ME. Great.

Went to images of singapore, melion, sky tower, luger + sky ride, and 4Dmax.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Some random updates......

Its coming close to a month since i last update my blog....

Hmmmm, much had happened since my last post.

Baby mavrick turned 6th month old....and he is seriously active, and over-whelming. Siong.

I changed my laptop, from compaq n600c to compaq presario v3633au, reason being i got it cheap, even though its a 2nd hand device from ebay, but the outlook is still in good condition, and the best part of this "new" laptop, can let me play games which i couldn't, with my n600c. SO? its good for gaming, especially with its AMD turion(tm) processor. =)

Last but not least, regarding my signing on as a regular in the army. I got accepted by the "force" but due to some missing paperwork, the contract would need some time to process. I didn't get to sign on as a vehicle techican as hoped, due to my partial colour blindness. Damm sad, only opened to ADF, guards, and infantry.

I choose infantry, because its not as siong as the other two. Some of my friends said dun sign, some say sign. In particular 2days before my CMPB interview, i was darn confussed and vexed. Then i went to my company sgt major, and seek his advice.

He asked me simply, why i sign on?
The reason behind my rational, to feed my family.

Nobody like to siong for no reasons, but i bo bian, i got family to feed liao le.
I seriously wouldn't want to see my family worry about $$$

so got to be a man, do the right thing. but even the right-est thing would require some sacrifices.