Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hope, hope, hope

Haven't been updating for quite awhile, due to laziness and taking facebook too "seriously". HA!

Hmmm, the creators of facebook should had given users the option of having a blog in the site. But it didn't, so thats one thing that i think, they are different from friendster.

I would think that anybody who has a friendster account, will have a facebook account as well. Unless one is a die hard fan of friendster and refuse to make the switch, or just didn't bother.

Been clearing off and leave(s) for the month of april.

Techincally speaking, now the whole platoon has got no more or 1 day of off. Just carrying out the orders from our superior, but i wonder if it could be a plot or tactic, to make us work like slaves in the month of may.

ARGH! i cannot bear to think of it. Working like a clueless, no-brainer soldier. Claimed to be 3G, but i think we had just downgraded ourselves to be 1G. Even mobile phones now have 3.5G, so what is 3G? LOL!

Been quite active in the gaming circle of mine, lately. Booking out on friday evenings would mean some gaming sessions alone or with friends via LAN. Saturdays and Sundays would be with my family, and especially my 8th month old baby son, mavrick, who recently gotten quite active in his movement and actions of joy and surprise.

I'm beginning to wonder if my own son sees me as his "fun" object or his own father.....hmmmm.....

I wouldn't say i have a good babyhood or childhood, myself. But for sure, i would want to give my son, his lovely childhood or babyhood.

I'm still pondering, how to take my son in hand when he grows up. Some examples i saw, are frightening the shit out of me, and am hoping that i don't have to deal with the nightmare, in future.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just a quick update

Some high key events, that i took part in recently....

Delta Live Firing at gedong, to showcase some of the army's firepower, to some potential future signing on officers.

I dunno if its because i'm suay or i'm lucky to be in the BUTT party. Because one thing for sure, the ammo party didn't have to be under the hot and fearsome SUN, whereas the butt party seriously worked their butts off for the showcasing.

My neck suffered sunburnt until, i could hardly recongise my neck's skin colour. ITs burnt.

I think i should be excused uniform for awhile, and my foot is rotting, by the days, and its spreading. YUCKS. FOOT ROT!!!!

watched yes-man on my psp recently, i think its really a nice show, for laughter and the songs sounded nice to me. Recommend it to those who hasn't watch it yet.

Techincally speaking, i'm only left with around 70+ days to ORD!!!!!

Can't wait to ORD, from all the shit work.