Sunday, July 27, 2008

There is always a FIRST to everything we do

Well, it was a sunday that marked the very first driving practical lesson, that i took on.

I finally learnt the way to drive a manual car. Actually its quite simple, clutch in, gear one, accelerator, half-clutch, drive off. When stopping, clutch in, braking, car stops, gear one.

Usually people learn to drive, from gear one to two, i managed to drove gear three fun.

But i didn't got the correct signal and almost knocked into a BMW behind me, as it was trying to overtake me. Scary.....but all for good fun. Looking forward to next week's driving lesson.

Sunday liao le.....haix......

Friday, July 25, 2008

Taken In FORT CANNING PARK, with all my buddies in arms....
Taken In FORT CANNING PARK, as a cock-a-nathan wannabe. LOL!
Taken in EAST COAST PARK, just shermzzzz!

Finally back from camp le....the week somehow went past rather slowly, making me wait for the weekend like a "hungry" tiger. But what the heck, i'm out now. LOL

This whole week was all about painting and maintaining the BRONCO, for next week's bridge changing of commander....from a full fledged colonel to another colonel....and the ceremony involves all the various battalion within the brigde.

I dun get it at all, what is all the big fuss about changing command from one person to another, which led to many "pawns" doing up the show, whereas the high ranking, who is leaving the bridge would just sit in one of the many tanks, and wave: HEY HEY, I'm leaving, so MISS ME YEA? , and the newcomer would stand high high and wave: HEY HEY, I'm the new man....THE MAN.

*shakes head*

I hate outfield training, there is one coming my way, from 3rd aug till 6th aug....argh! FTX!!!

Blog Updates as @ 17th July 2008

I had been wanting to update my blog since thursday night, 17/07/08, but due to my final theorical driving test, the following morning @ 915am, i had to cut short all my computering and rest early, if not i will have a hard time waking up in the morning.

i had input 2 alarms into my phone, once @ 630, the other @ 645. True enough, only the 645 alarm managed to woke me up. Lol. I know myself too well, to be myself.
woke up, washed up and did a small prayer before leaving my home for ubi CDC. Managed to grab a bite at the coffeeshop, next to CDC. Took the test with much focus, and i passed with one go. Well done man. Lol.

after the test, went back home and went out again for lunch @ AMK, after which went to apply for citibank's clear card. There was this male card promotor, who questioned if i was 21, as it was the legal age for application of the card, when i told him so, he didn't believed me. Lol. He mentioned to me, say i got baby face. Man! I'm so pissed off @ that word. Baby face, argh argh arghhhhh! Buay tahan...thats about it for friday, i could go on and on...

on saturday, lunch was one of the several kopitiam, @ hougang mall vinicity. After which, i brought my dearest to buy her long await camera. Had been browsing thru selections and models, finally decided on fujifilm F20, red. She wanted rose pink After that, ntuc, then went home. Met up with the GV gang for dinner @ marina sq, noodles for lunch, noodles for dinner again. Sad, but it was a cheaper alternative, then many dishes with rice. Dinner was nice, and the group caught dark knight @ the same location, with the treat of mr kegan. I'm so grateful that he treated the grp....otherwise i wouldn't even wanna watch dark knight, because of its previous movies, like batman begins, etc.. Not nice one, left me bad impression, but i must say that the dark knight was impressive, and kept me wanting for more.

the movie simply enchanced my understanding of the villian, who is joker, whose role totally beautifies the actions, and his plans to destory the gordon city. Its a must watch for all. =)
Sunday was boring and expected, not that i'm not interested, but IT IS SUNDAY leh...watever...i attended a meeting from 4 till 630, celebrated my mom's 51st birthdat @ TM, and booked in at 2230.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Revolution of the play and players.

The long await IPHONE 3G, which is the 2nd generation Iphone to be release into the market. The first Iphone was release last year, but somehow, it did not came to singapore, due to some service providers & apple inc issues.

But anyway, singtel mentioned to the press that, they will bring in 2nd gen Iphone, end of this year. I could hardly wait, the wait.

My platoon mate, jake, had a I-touch, for his 21st birthday, thus had a felt of what to expect in a iphone, a sleek and nice smooth touch on the device cover.

ARGH!!!! IPHONE!!!!!

The revolution of compact music players began, when creative recently launched ZEN X-FI media player.
X-FI, feel the motion of the music path in your ears. =)
AGRH! I ALSO WANT!, pity i recently brought a zen nano......

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Complicational Lead to another Unexpected World of relations

Time files, when you are busy, and somehow forgotten that, everyone in the family is growing up by the days, and ageing by the days. Turning into a mature adult or a little kiddo deep within ourselves, only for the growing and the ageing to know themselves best.

Well, the picture of my younger brother and me above, was taken some years back, when i was still a young adult, and he was just a punk roaming on the streets. Oh! by the way, my younger brother is 4yrs my junior.

Yesterday, while i was interacting with him, it suddenly struck me that, he had grown taller and stronger than me. WOAH! overtaken by my own younger brother in terms of strength, build and height. Where does that put me at? LOL!

I read in books and movies that, usually a younger slibing lives in the shadow of his/her older sibling, because the parents of the children would usually dote on the eldest child. Is it natural or is it a generation vicious circle?

"Hancock" spotted @ HOUGANG!!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Never expect too much from a being, for all are humans.

The picture above showed the paint stain, which i had gotten from painted equipments, which are going to be use for incoming brigde changing of command, some time soon. I think.

But anyway, back to the stain, it proved the "manhood" i have in me, unlike some of my platoon mate, who saw the wet painted equipment, but dare not take them up and put inside the storage cage. In a moment of being FED UP, i as the platoon IC of this week, took the equipment with my bare hands, and put them inside the storage cage, when 4 of my platoon mate were busy cleaning their paint stained hands with tiny alcohol wipes, SO GAY! SO UNEXPECTED of the 4. Finally i gave up and "gave" them my face of SIAN! lol.

OH! my online ordered mp3 player from creative online store, finally came.....i had been bugging my wife, if i can buy a mp3 more music listening from my phone, i'm sick of the poor quality that my phone gives thru stereo headphones...totally screwed up.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Go thru shit, to appreciate crap.

Well, a normal week as bunk, in camp, in army....

Went outfield for Atech stage 1, slept in the bronco, hitting mozzies, bearing the hot sun's rage, and dripping water on my drying up skin. I did had some form of contribution to the whole of the outfield, even though it was for a few hours, i did helped out in the camo netting, for 51charile.

I still don't get it, why one of my command sgt yow xing, hammered the pin into the ground, and the pin can still get loosen, and it almost "killed" the whole detachment, because the camo netting's most crucial factor would be the 4 pins, that holds the net tightly to the ground. But sad to say, one of the pins, located at the hind of the bronco came out, and i was desperately called upon by one my platoon mate to rectify the issue, but i had no hammer with me @ the point of time, and i called out loudly "hammer, hammer, hammer", but nobody, particularly sgt yow xing, because he has the hammer, did not came to my call. I saw my platoon mates desperately trying his best to hold the net, and two men on top of the vehicle in danger of falling down, SO! in the moment of folly, i used my beautiful green shiny helmet, that i was wearing, and used it to drive the pin into the ground. YAHOO! the feeling was damm shiok!, seriously darn shiok. The SHIOKNESS came from the sight of see the pin been driven into the ground. LOL!

But anyway, never do that, because the mortar platoon almost didn't get RECON 1, for my action. LOL! i made headlines in the nice. LOL!

Next week will be a short week, because i will only be in camp for one day. muhahaha!

I was wondering how many mobile phones there is in my house, the ans as such:

But not all phones are working, one phone K750i is spolit, seen it dismanlted before?