Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Updates about 2009, before 2010

Well, looking back, it had certainly been a eventful year.

Beginning of 2009, we had the West coast run, that was the first time, i gave red packets to all my platoon mates, and after which, meibing and i have to give red packets to all the younger generations. Siong. Total in all, we must prepare $400. Speechless.

After the chinese new year celebration, it was my first wedding anniversay. I can't say, i did a fantasic job in that, but still, singapore was really small and we didn't had a ride to go anywhere far. So we had our dinner at an italian resturant, recommanded by many, at seragoon garden.

3months later, i prepare to ORD from army. hee hee. ORD LOH!

In order to feed my family, i got myself a job as a nokia sales consultant, instantly after ORD. It was sheer pressure to work in parkway parade, seriously. BUT! it was a good training ground for me, and i learnt pretty much. after 3mths of probation, i was then transfered to vivocity, where i faced many brands of phone, but my job is still the same, to promote nokia phones.

I didn't did a good job in that aspect because i was too general, when customers asked for recommandations, so as to save my own butt, i became general and non aggressive. Its better for customers to choose whichever they want to purchase rather than purchasing something that they didn't even have an interest in. Choices in them, rather that choices in me.

So i decided to resign, and join another company, which has a different field. Human resourcing, aka recuitment consultant, with MCI recuitment agency.

I give myself another 3mths time, if this job doesn't suit me, i'm not going to stay.

thats kinda about it for 2009, look forward to a better 2010, as its the year of the tiger.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Updates From Ah YOW

Today marked the start of the JUNE 09's PC SHOW @ suntec convention halls.

So happened to had seen Jun Hao, Dan and Wayne. LOL....the world is small. Cody happened to be working with the canon printing side.

Many good buys, but i didn't buy, then i regret, then i sian half half. But $4 for a laptop cooler?!?! head on down to suntec PC show now.

My god sister, miss serene is working at the COMPAQ side, if anybody wishes to buy a COMPAQ laptop, maybe she can give you a better deal? Remember - Serene. <----

Miss Sin Yi brought her first digital camera today, a canon.

Why canon over nikon? Because canon has got international warrenty, biggest 2nd hand market, and because its a best selling brand for years. Nikon is also good, because its optics is world renowed, nikor lens, whereas canon is canon lens. Nikon vs Canon, you be the judge. =)

Prior to ORD, got a job as a nokia sales consultant. First depolyment site is @ parkway parade shopping mall, as of 16th june 2009. Anybody interested in nokia phones? =)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flu bugs flying around, everywhere.

It had been quite awhile since i last caught a flu, or did i caught it and recovered from it as soon as i caught it? hmmmm, but i cannot recall when was the last time i caught a major sickness, such as flu and fever.

I just caught it, 2 days back, while i was using my laptop in my room, when suddenly, my eyes started to have that burning sensation, and a slight headache hit me. So i decided to rest early for the night.

The next morning, i woke up developing a fever. Darn jialiat. Whole body very weak, and my head felt heavy and giddy.

Self medicated using panadol cold relief, got slightly better, and went out for a movie, with my pals from GV, terminator salvation.

The show, i wonder really has an ending, and its kinda not up to my expectation. Maybe i expected too much from the movie. *sigh*

Next up, revenge of the fallen: transformer. *nice* =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When May end is just round the corner

OH! Melvin seet's 23th birthday had just arrived.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR SEET. I'm still 22+, hahahaha.

Okie, EU is finally over, kicked start, and banged startled. My impression of 2IC, OC to be?

NEVER CHANGE. A leopard is disguise.

Mistaken or Misunderstood, someone had shown his true colours to us. Vegetables are not really that innocent after all, are they?

During the days of EU, met up with the NSmen, i must said, NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.

I had 4 "warriors" under me, little did i know that beneath the gong gong look and face, 1 is a lawyer, 1 is a senior manager, 1 is a BIG car dealer, the other i dunno. Thru the few days of interaction with them, i learnt quite a fair bit of their experiences and work.....

I learnt some tips on how to disipline my son in future, and what to look forward to, and what NOT to look forward to.

That car dealer, told me, life is short, enjoy it while you can, thats why he never work hard, he work smart.

The lawyer was kinda arrogant, didn't interact much. Are all the lawyers like that? Scary if they only talk money-sense. hahaha.

Okie, that's about it. ORD in 3weeks time.

Seeking job position as a sales engineer.

Sherman is mortar platoon's favourite private. Agree?

Friday, May 8, 2009

its serious....

Just days ago, i was thinking in my mind, that 2IC is one hell of a nice guy, that mentality had changed.

I went to report sick, for the first time, since i got posted into the battalion. Technically speaking, this is my 2nd time reporting sick, since serving NS. You could say that i'm a darn obedience NSF, i never chao geng, and i never abandon my buddies.

BUT! seriously, thinking about it now.....what's the use of staying fighting fit? what's the use of staying obedience to the force? In the end, nobody will say thank you, nobody appreciates it. In the end, all you will get is a load of shit to clear and officers playing with you round and round, until they shiok.

I felt very betrayed by my coy, my commanders and by myself.

Every single commanders for my platoon is now, in ORD-ing mood, nobody cares or shield us from shit being dart-ed @ us.....

Everyday, i felt my life is being played around. EU, clear BUC, clear this, clear that. A sudden urge came, and the mood dampens, into a dark shadow of bitterness.

No point talking, no energy to talk even. Its a new field of era, its called the fittest of the mind, and the winner wins it, by coming out of it alive.

i could smell my ORD date recently, now the nose had been blocked.

One thing i dun understand, why other people can ORD in laughters and my platoon ORD in tears?

Monday, May 4, 2009

You make your own choices. YES YOU!

Ooooooo, i wonder which parent don't love their own child.

As for me, i love my son, baby mavrick very much. By the way, he is so active now, he can stand on his feet while holding onto something. Siong la, can't imagine that he will learn how to walk on his own, pretty soon.

Subjective or Objective, but came across a thought and acted as according today.

Being lazy to buy food at the coffeeshop downstairs, thus ordered Mac-delivery. Saw my younger brother still sleeping, so i thought, dun need to order his share of lunch.

Upon reach-ment of the delivery, my brother woke up, and so i paiseh....didn't order his share of lunch. Great!

I offered him my burger and share of fries, with drink. Rejected it at first, but i looked at the burger. It was a Mc-spicy, and i didn't eat mc-spicy for a very long time liao le. I can't even remember when i last tasted one. LOL! patheic, but its expensive la....ONE meal @ mac, i can go for TWO meals @ the food court or coffeeshop.

SO! the burger looked at me, and i looked at the burger. The thing i'm trying to put across is that, "no matter who or what tells you, this is it! no other choices" <------ BULLSHIT!

YOU HAVE A CHOICE NO MATTER WHAT <------ thank YOU for that!

Eventually i gave up the tasty looking mc-spicy to my younger brother and opted for maggie mee. Heartbroken to see my mc-spicy gone? OF COURSE! the transition of HERE AND GONE happens fast, right in front of your eyes. O.O

thats all..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hope, hope, hope

Haven't been updating for quite awhile, due to laziness and taking facebook too "seriously". HA!

Hmmm, the creators of facebook should had given users the option of having a blog in the site. But it didn't, so thats one thing that i think, they are different from friendster.

I would think that anybody who has a friendster account, will have a facebook account as well. Unless one is a die hard fan of friendster and refuse to make the switch, or just didn't bother.

Been clearing off and leave(s) for the month of april.

Techincally speaking, now the whole platoon has got no more or 1 day of off. Just carrying out the orders from our superior, but i wonder if it could be a plot or tactic, to make us work like slaves in the month of may.

ARGH! i cannot bear to think of it. Working like a clueless, no-brainer soldier. Claimed to be 3G, but i think we had just downgraded ourselves to be 1G. Even mobile phones now have 3.5G, so what is 3G? LOL!

Been quite active in the gaming circle of mine, lately. Booking out on friday evenings would mean some gaming sessions alone or with friends via LAN. Saturdays and Sundays would be with my family, and especially my 8th month old baby son, mavrick, who recently gotten quite active in his movement and actions of joy and surprise.

I'm beginning to wonder if my own son sees me as his "fun" object or his own father.....hmmmm.....

I wouldn't say i have a good babyhood or childhood, myself. But for sure, i would want to give my son, his lovely childhood or babyhood.

I'm still pondering, how to take my son in hand when he grows up. Some examples i saw, are frightening the shit out of me, and am hoping that i don't have to deal with the nightmare, in future.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just a quick update

Some high key events, that i took part in recently....

Delta Live Firing at gedong, to showcase some of the army's firepower, to some potential future signing on officers.

I dunno if its because i'm suay or i'm lucky to be in the BUTT party. Because one thing for sure, the ammo party didn't have to be under the hot and fearsome SUN, whereas the butt party seriously worked their butts off for the showcasing.

My neck suffered sunburnt until, i could hardly recongise my neck's skin colour. ITs burnt.

I think i should be excused uniform for awhile, and my foot is rotting, by the days, and its spreading. YUCKS. FOOT ROT!!!!

watched yes-man on my psp recently, i think its really a nice show, for laughter and the songs sounded nice to me. Recommend it to those who hasn't watch it yet.

Techincally speaking, i'm only left with around 70+ days to ORD!!!!!

Can't wait to ORD, from all the shit work.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sentosa March 2009.

Recently went to sentosa, for a group outing. 4 girls, and 1 guy - ME. Great.

Went to images of singapore, melion, sky tower, luger + sky ride, and 4Dmax.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Some random updates......

Its coming close to a month since i last update my blog....

Hmmmm, much had happened since my last post.

Baby mavrick turned 6th month old....and he is seriously active, and over-whelming. Siong.

I changed my laptop, from compaq n600c to compaq presario v3633au, reason being i got it cheap, even though its a 2nd hand device from ebay, but the outlook is still in good condition, and the best part of this "new" laptop, can let me play games which i couldn't, with my n600c. SO? its good for gaming, especially with its AMD turion(tm) processor. =)

Last but not least, regarding my signing on as a regular in the army. I got accepted by the "force" but due to some missing paperwork, the contract would need some time to process. I didn't get to sign on as a vehicle techican as hoped, due to my partial colour blindness. Damm sad, only opened to ADF, guards, and infantry.

I choose infantry, because its not as siong as the other two. Some of my friends said dun sign, some say sign. In particular 2days before my CMPB interview, i was darn confussed and vexed. Then i went to my company sgt major, and seek his advice.

He asked me simply, why i sign on?
The reason behind my rational, to feed my family.

Nobody like to siong for no reasons, but i bo bian, i got family to feed liao le.
I seriously wouldn't want to see my family worry about $$$

so got to be a man, do the right thing. but even the right-est thing would require some sacrifices.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The end of new year's updates...

Well! Chinese lunar new year 2009 finally came to a ending. Hope that everybody grow high high and do well in the rest of the year.

For me, i did have a car to drive around this new year, but not my car, its my father in law's car. LOL.

This's gathering was held at my house, as well as chee siang's 23rd birthday celebration. Surprised to see tracy coming, i didn't know she was coming, until she came. LOL...surprise!

Hmmmm....turning 23 this year liao le. So fast, seems like yesterday that i just had my 21st birthday celebration.

This year, many of dearest's friends including herself turns 21 this year....siong ah....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year

Hello! Chinese lunar new year 2009 is kinda over for me....with no more visiting to do le...

Hope that everybody got a huge share of red packets this year... =)

I for once had to give out red packets this year.

Kinda sad that i didn't managed to catch the fireworks at chinatown this year, although i was there. But missed it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Platoon Reunion Gathering 2009

Today was half day for the battalion, CO organized a out of camp 5km run.

Its my first time, running a distance more than my usual 2.4km run for my IPPT. Nevertheless, there is always a first time to everything. SO! positive outlook.

McDonald breakfast for all after the run, breakfast never tasted so good before, maybe because too hungry after the run liao le.

After breakfast, handed out red packets to my platoon mates, a small token of luck and prosperity.

Thank goodness, managed to hitch a ride from west coast park to toa payoh mrt station, credits to elmer's dad.

After reaching home, had a packet of instant noodles with egg, then took a nap, all the way till 430pm, when it was time to meetup with elmer, to gab's house for BBQ dinner.

Pity that not the whole platoon was there to have the gathering, but we always see each other in camp until sian. LOL.

02 more days to CHINESE LUNAR NEW YEAR 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Be a man, do the right thing....

YES! Finally i can say, this time round, i got a sliver for my 2nd year's IPPT.

No mistake this time, its a sliver for me.

I'm confirmed signing on as an army regular, not because i want to, but rather because i felt that its a right thing to do, now that i have a family of my own. Thus every decision i make in the future that concerns my future, will directly or indirectly affects my family's future.

A new year, a new beginning. Just hope that 2009 will bring me much wealth and happiness.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally Home.....

I'm Home....

After being in camp for the past 6days....due to weekend guard duty on saturday.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

St Regis Hotel

Some random photos i took, when i undertook a photography job @ St Regis Hotel. Not the main photographer, i was just some paparazzi-to-be.

Happened to saw David Gan @ the event, and took 2 pictures of him.

I also took some of many beautifully dressed up ladies and handsome gentlemen, on site.

GoodBye 2008, HELLO 2009

Well, 31st december 2008 marked the end of 2008's chapter in life.

What can i say....

Alot of things happened in 2008 itself. Lets do some recalling of events in my life....

Eariler in 2008, before the chinese lunar new year, i found out that dearest was pregnant, but didn't know how many months she was in then. It was a seriously unexpected news, but we made a decision to be together. So, one evening during the week, we broke the news to our parents.

Oh my goodness, you should had seen my face's expression. But her parents gave us the approval to get married FINALLY. Initially not...

It was in the time of trouble, did the true faces of friendship surfaced. I'm glad i didn't made the wrong choice of befriending all my good buddies and sisters. They helped me quite abit during my pre-wedding preparation, and after wedding preparation. Cheers to all!

So in 23 march 2008, dearest and i tied the knot, husband and wife in this lifetime. =)

If you asked me, had i regretted my actions, and getting married so early. I would be frank, the toughest part is not about being married, but taking care of baby mavrick. Super duper lots of patience must be exericsed. Baby mavrick sure tested me to the limits, unknown to him, of course. hahaha.

Well, and so dearest and i married. I love my meow meow. *muacks*

9 whole month passed, and baby mavrick was born on the 30 august 2008. The moment he was born, i was so happy. I'm a father of my own son liao le. I dunno what the future will bring me to, but one thing i'm very sure was that, i'm a father now, and siong ah...hahaha.

5 minutes into the birth of baby mavrick, he gave me the brightest look from his eyes, and he was playing with his saliva, blowing bubbles....incredibly mavrick.

An eye opening experience it was, to being beside dearest, when the time was due for baby mavrick's birth. Lots of blood and lots of pain in my heart. Scared and Couragous dearest was. In fact, it's really fortunate that dearest didn't had to under the knife to bring mavrick into the world.

Well, baby mavrick is now 4mths old...and he is growing into a healthy and smart baby boy.

Of course 2008, also brought me quite a fair bit of experiences, during my days in the army. Been to india for training. Saw india lifestyle and gone thru it for close to 3wks. Siong and Sandy.

Ah! not forgotting. 2008 was the year, i got my driving licence, my 1st DSLR, the startup of this blog, first time rent a car, and many others. *smiles*

Hope that in 2009, i will strike big in lottery, a regular career, and most importantly, happiness, safety and good fortunate to all my friends and love ones.