Friday, September 19, 2008

The making of a beansprout pillow for baby Mavrick.

Firstly, after the beansprout is revealed, the black shell is then take apart from the sprout, and collected.

After which, the seperated shell is taken out into the open, and expose to sunlight, to dry up the shells, and to eliminate the bacteria within the sprout.

My mom, took these shells from the beansprout seller, in the wet market. They will give you for free, but the hardwork comes from a long week of drying up the shells and of course, forming them up into a pillow material.

See the difference, after "cleaning" up the shells of dead sprouts, and after sunlighting them.

It's hard work, but worth while for my mom's grandson. Even when i was a baby, my mom didn't even make it for me. Mavrick is certainly one lucky grandson. Hahaha.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You will always be my baby.

Baby mavrick so guai, post for his baby shoots.....*sayang*

He doesn't looked like, he was born 2wks ago....mystical....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Started off and back, on a saturday

Hmmm, Woke up, washed up and internet. A usual day, without the presence of my wife, on our bed again, since her confinement, 2wks ago.

Felt so lonely on the night before (friday). Nobody to talk to, discuss things with, and nobody to sayang me to sleep. Didn't want to spend the night at bing's house, because her house IS so warm. Even when the fan is on, by right, she cannot get blown by the fan's wind, she still dun care. Haix, i'm left so renderless speechless.

This saturday, being one of my platoon mate's 21st birthday, decided to pack him a red packet, as a small token.
Went out of the house, around 3, to bing's house. Drilled some holes for some support wheels, easy job for me, as i had some experience with drilling. Although not an expert, but i could do it fairly well, with some improvement needed. :-)
After which, on my way to YCK mrt station, to meet up with elmer, shermz & GF, to gabriel's house. I thinked we reached too early liao le, played with his golden retriver. All dogs have a doggy smell, even after bath.

After gab, came home from taking his cake, so did his buffet catering. Wow, i must say, i ate alot, but only for those few dishes only, as a few were seafood, and vege didn't appealed to me, that evening.

The celebration reminded me of my 21st birthday celebration. Hahahaha...unforgettable. When my son, mavrick turns 21, i must give him a unforgettable birthday bash too. =)

Ke Ai De Baby Mavrick.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The days of ORD, are nearing by the days

Finally, the day of reckoning is over.

Stage 2 of whole event is over, and of course, things within the battalion are bound to change in their course and their tiny little bits here and there.

But this outfield, is seriously memoriable. Kana so many insects bites, ant bites, and mosquito bites. Bua itch, till i kept scratching....

Due to the fact, that this is the last outfield liao, i decided to try passing some motion in the plains, because i had never pass motion in the fields before, since BMT.

The mosquitos sure took every opportunity to suck my blood...i felt like free flag, kana bites like mosquito happy hour like that. Jialiat.....

My pc was kind enough to allow me to go home, to see my son, as mavrick has some "pimples" on his neck. Must go and take a look, tommrrow.

Yin Jia's Creation:

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weekends are different, ever since the birth of my prince

Weekends are like flying bullets, before you knew it, its gone.

Booked out on friday's afternoon around 3+. But i didn't went home straight, because i supposing meeting up with a seller, of a laptop battery, which is compatible with my laptop. Meeting him up @ 7pm. But seriously too early, so i went on to catch the star wars: The clone wars.

The show is something like the real story except that, there was a twist and i think its a combination of esp 1 & 2.

After the show, still had an hour to crash before meeting up with that seller. So i decided to walk around jurong east interchange surroundings, where shops thrives and seems to be doing well...hahhaha.

Walking around aimlessly is seriously one thing i hate to do most. I dunno why, but i really detest walking about aimlessly.

Finally met up with the seller, and got hold of a brand new laptop battery for $30. What a gain.

On friday night, i stayed over at bing's house, sleeping on her parent's bed, which i think, quite paiseh la....but this action of let us sleep on their bed, shows how much her parents really loves her......xinfu!

I fed mavrick and sayang him lots. He is really cute......

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The arrival of a new attention

This picture was taken, when little mavrick was yawning, while waiting for the clearence from the admission office, to discharge from the hospital. Looked like he is crying, but he is not ah...
Both mother and child, discharged and safely reached home, on the 1st sept 2008.
Today being the second day of baby mavrick staying at home, i reached my in laws' house at around 230pm, and from then on, stayed till almost 11pm.
Everyday is a new day, and of course new experience gained, as i wipe my own son's buttocks and smooth him to sleep, and give him a kiss on his cheeks + forehead. Mavrick got baby smell, so nice....
His skin is tenderly soft and smooth. He will make you just wanna carry him, hahaha. Baby tactics....