Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flu bugs flying around, everywhere.

It had been quite awhile since i last caught a flu, or did i caught it and recovered from it as soon as i caught it? hmmmm, but i cannot recall when was the last time i caught a major sickness, such as flu and fever.

I just caught it, 2 days back, while i was using my laptop in my room, when suddenly, my eyes started to have that burning sensation, and a slight headache hit me. So i decided to rest early for the night.

The next morning, i woke up developing a fever. Darn jialiat. Whole body very weak, and my head felt heavy and giddy.

Self medicated using panadol cold relief, got slightly better, and went out for a movie, with my pals from GV, terminator salvation.

The show, i wonder really has an ending, and its kinda not up to my expectation. Maybe i expected too much from the movie. *sigh*

Next up, revenge of the fallen: transformer. *nice* =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When May end is just round the corner

OH! Melvin seet's 23th birthday had just arrived.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR SEET. I'm still 22+, hahahaha.

Okie, EU is finally over, kicked start, and banged startled. My impression of 2IC, OC to be?

NEVER CHANGE. A leopard is disguise.

Mistaken or Misunderstood, someone had shown his true colours to us. Vegetables are not really that innocent after all, are they?

During the days of EU, met up with the NSmen, i must said, NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.

I had 4 "warriors" under me, little did i know that beneath the gong gong look and face, 1 is a lawyer, 1 is a senior manager, 1 is a BIG car dealer, the other i dunno. Thru the few days of interaction with them, i learnt quite a fair bit of their experiences and work.....

I learnt some tips on how to disipline my son in future, and what to look forward to, and what NOT to look forward to.

That car dealer, told me, life is short, enjoy it while you can, thats why he never work hard, he work smart.

The lawyer was kinda arrogant, didn't interact much. Are all the lawyers like that? Scary if they only talk money-sense. hahaha.

Okie, that's about it. ORD in 3weeks time.

Seeking job position as a sales engineer.

Sherman is mortar platoon's favourite private. Agree?

Friday, May 8, 2009

its serious....

Just days ago, i was thinking in my mind, that 2IC is one hell of a nice guy, that mentality had changed.

I went to report sick, for the first time, since i got posted into the battalion. Technically speaking, this is my 2nd time reporting sick, since serving NS. You could say that i'm a darn obedience NSF, i never chao geng, and i never abandon my buddies.

BUT! seriously, thinking about it now.....what's the use of staying fighting fit? what's the use of staying obedience to the force? In the end, nobody will say thank you, nobody appreciates it. In the end, all you will get is a load of shit to clear and officers playing with you round and round, until they shiok.

I felt very betrayed by my coy, my commanders and by myself.

Every single commanders for my platoon is now, in ORD-ing mood, nobody cares or shield us from shit being dart-ed @ us.....

Everyday, i felt my life is being played around. EU, clear BUC, clear this, clear that. A sudden urge came, and the mood dampens, into a dark shadow of bitterness.

No point talking, no energy to talk even. Its a new field of era, its called the fittest of the mind, and the winner wins it, by coming out of it alive.

i could smell my ORD date recently, now the nose had been blocked.

One thing i dun understand, why other people can ORD in laughters and my platoon ORD in tears?

Monday, May 4, 2009

You make your own choices. YES YOU!

Ooooooo, i wonder which parent don't love their own child.

As for me, i love my son, baby mavrick very much. By the way, he is so active now, he can stand on his feet while holding onto something. Siong la, can't imagine that he will learn how to walk on his own, pretty soon.

Subjective or Objective, but came across a thought and acted as according today.

Being lazy to buy food at the coffeeshop downstairs, thus ordered Mac-delivery. Saw my younger brother still sleeping, so i thought, dun need to order his share of lunch.

Upon reach-ment of the delivery, my brother woke up, and so i paiseh....didn't order his share of lunch. Great!

I offered him my burger and share of fries, with drink. Rejected it at first, but i looked at the burger. It was a Mc-spicy, and i didn't eat mc-spicy for a very long time liao le. I can't even remember when i last tasted one. LOL! patheic, but its expensive la....ONE meal @ mac, i can go for TWO meals @ the food court or coffeeshop.

SO! the burger looked at me, and i looked at the burger. The thing i'm trying to put across is that, "no matter who or what tells you, this is it! no other choices" <------ BULLSHIT!

YOU HAVE A CHOICE NO MATTER WHAT <------ thank YOU for that!

Eventually i gave up the tasty looking mc-spicy to my younger brother and opted for maggie mee. Heartbroken to see my mc-spicy gone? OF COURSE! the transition of HERE AND GONE happens fast, right in front of your eyes. O.O

thats all..