Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rest day blues

A off day, with the flash an eye, comes to an end. Tommrrow morning, xperia x10 product training at HQ.

Honestly speaking, i darn don't like to go HQ, firstly its kinda inaccessible to me, and secondly, no direct bus there. So everytime i have to go there, i have to take 87 and alight opposite honda centre and walk all the way in. Damm.

Last minute, interview at singtel postponed. KNN one, so last minute. I even wore my formal clothing out, for nothing.


I'm so looking forward to the N97mini white colour, in which now, it comes with the navigation pack. Oh my goodness, my eyes open big big ah....

Slurps~ n97mini white.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Broke on the day i got paid

Speechless but its the fact and i got to face it.

I'm broke. Left with $100 to fend for the whole month, and bless me if i can survive on that $100. LOL!

Managed to clocked 17km/L on my kelisa, for the 2nd half of last month. Hoping to clock more than 17km/L for this first half of the month. But i think go out less is better.

Broke on the day i got paid, ironic is it?


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Life as hectical as climbing up a mountain

Work Work Work.

Day in, Day out. I had been working. From 1030am till 930pm. Then i think to myself, why aren't i given a chance to be rich out of a sudden, perhaps say from lottery? or from luck draws?

Weird huh?

When you see big bosses, and senior managers walking around and chilling around, you tend to wonder how it would be like to be in their positions eh? A simple why not you, in their current status? Funny how life is made is such a way that, a same form of human being, but different aspects and outlook of life one can have.

I tend to be extremely judgemental about everything around me. I simply trust my vision and my presumption too much to the extreme.

Sad life, miserable life. Having to think about money everyday is kinda sickening. Having to think on how to save to the last dollar or rather enjoy to the fullest on every dollar spent. A flipping factor of a dollar, waiting to be spend.

Flip Flip, Turning, Tuning, Dollar Dollar, sickening sickening.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alive Again.

MIA for looooong while liao.

Times had changed man, the trend is no longer with blogging, but with social networking sites. Facebook is certainly hitting high and big in its applications.

I'm in pain. Pain from confusion. Lots of decisions and pondering. Think until my head become so big that it might explode anytime soon.

Decisions in Career path, i dunno what is best for guidance, just there, standing alone.

sad, sadder, saddest

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Updates about 2009, before 2010

Well, looking back, it had certainly been a eventful year.

Beginning of 2009, we had the West coast run, that was the first time, i gave red packets to all my platoon mates, and after which, meibing and i have to give red packets to all the younger generations. Siong. Total in all, we must prepare $400. Speechless.

After the chinese new year celebration, it was my first wedding anniversay. I can't say, i did a fantasic job in that, but still, singapore was really small and we didn't had a ride to go anywhere far. So we had our dinner at an italian resturant, recommanded by many, at seragoon garden.

3months later, i prepare to ORD from army. hee hee. ORD LOH!

In order to feed my family, i got myself a job as a nokia sales consultant, instantly after ORD. It was sheer pressure to work in parkway parade, seriously. BUT! it was a good training ground for me, and i learnt pretty much. after 3mths of probation, i was then transfered to vivocity, where i faced many brands of phone, but my job is still the same, to promote nokia phones.

I didn't did a good job in that aspect because i was too general, when customers asked for recommandations, so as to save my own butt, i became general and non aggressive. Its better for customers to choose whichever they want to purchase rather than purchasing something that they didn't even have an interest in. Choices in them, rather that choices in me.

So i decided to resign, and join another company, which has a different field. Human resourcing, aka recuitment consultant, with MCI recuitment agency.

I give myself another 3mths time, if this job doesn't suit me, i'm not going to stay.

thats kinda about it for 2009, look forward to a better 2010, as its the year of the tiger.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Updates From Ah YOW

Today marked the start of the JUNE 09's PC SHOW @ suntec convention halls.

So happened to had seen Jun Hao, Dan and Wayne. LOL....the world is small. Cody happened to be working with the canon printing side.

Many good buys, but i didn't buy, then i regret, then i sian half half. But $4 for a laptop cooler?!?! head on down to suntec PC show now.

My god sister, miss serene is working at the COMPAQ side, if anybody wishes to buy a COMPAQ laptop, maybe she can give you a better deal? Remember - Serene. <----

Miss Sin Yi brought her first digital camera today, a canon.

Why canon over nikon? Because canon has got international warrenty, biggest 2nd hand market, and because its a best selling brand for years. Nikon is also good, because its optics is world renowed, nikor lens, whereas canon is canon lens. Nikon vs Canon, you be the judge. =)

Prior to ORD, got a job as a nokia sales consultant. First depolyment site is @ parkway parade shopping mall, as of 16th june 2009. Anybody interested in nokia phones? =)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flu bugs flying around, everywhere.

It had been quite awhile since i last caught a flu, or did i caught it and recovered from it as soon as i caught it? hmmmm, but i cannot recall when was the last time i caught a major sickness, such as flu and fever.

I just caught it, 2 days back, while i was using my laptop in my room, when suddenly, my eyes started to have that burning sensation, and a slight headache hit me. So i decided to rest early for the night.

The next morning, i woke up developing a fever. Darn jialiat. Whole body very weak, and my head felt heavy and giddy.

Self medicated using panadol cold relief, got slightly better, and went out for a movie, with my pals from GV, terminator salvation.

The show, i wonder really has an ending, and its kinda not up to my expectation. Maybe i expected too much from the movie. *sigh*

Next up, revenge of the fallen: transformer. *nice* =)