Friday, October 31, 2008

Updated & Added

Pictures of baby mavrick, taken last week, while his 1 night stay at my house. Time files, baby mavrick is now 2mths old le.

Today was my battalion's anniversary, CO decided to keep it short and simply. Went to Lido, to watch tropic thunder, and this was the only picture i took of my platoon. Initially wanted to take a complete group photo, but couldn't find a suitable place, and many of them left soon after the show ended. *sad*

A picture view of what i usually see, when i look out of my window. The sad new is that i wouldn't be able to see it soon, because got to shift house le, to sengkang, to stay with my aunty. *sigh* Reluctant to shift house, but it has to be done. There is simply nothing i can do to stop the action from happening, due to one man's selfishness.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A picture of what i bring to camp, everytime i book into camp.
Life is boring, in camp.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shots of Baby Mavrick....

Baby mavrick was @ my house, last saturday. Although it was only for awhile, but it was nice being able to take care of him, and kissing him throughout the hours spent......*muack*

Its my time @ home...hahaha!

Finally, the gaming event is over. Although i dun like but i dun hate it either, but i seriously don't look forward to the next coming gaming event, in april. *sucks*
It was kinda rainy, the whole of today....even through it didn't affect in any ways or another. But i'm always wary of catching a cold...
New updates for PSP, and new games encountered and to play with....nice!
Nothing much to do today, so i decided to play with my two canon cameras: Compact Ixus 400 & DSLR 300D.
Took some photos and edited them for some effects shown above:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A FULL week being a NSF

This week was the unluckiest week for me. It was BAD news after BAD news, that received me.

First of all, i found out that, my previous IPPT result was just a PASS, not a sliver. My officer read the result wrongly.

To be awarded sliver, one have to attain min. 18pts in the overall result. I got only 17. ARGH!!!! I could had gotten 18, if the SBJ ic, gave me 234 instead of 233. So its back to square ONE for me. Next IPPT is said to be sometime, next week? Totally *speechless*

Thats not all to it, somehow, my phone broke into half.

I was sliding it up and down, and out a sudden, the main body flew out of the casing and it hit my right hip. OUCH! Then bo bian, had to ask shermz to help me buy a new phone.

Although the new phone operates similarly like my previous phone, but its more "advanced" and lighter in weight, because its plastic-made. LOL.
Darn sian, from wednesday to friday, face computer until i caught a flu. I so long didn't caught a cold kana...wrong timing...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A handful of updates....

I finally got myself, a DSLR...after quite awhile.
Introducing: Canon 300D

Got it from a guy in the vr-fourm @ $360. Quite a bargain. Although 2nd hand, but finally! a DSLR for me to experiment and play with. Hahaha. Looking forward to getting some EF lens, to enhance the experience. =)

Last friday, was my IPPT test, and i got what i wanted, SLIVER award. Getting a sliver, enables me to sign on as a regular in SAF. Finally, a chance whereby i proved my fitness worth. It was quite awhile since i last got a sliver award, which was in tekong, during my BMTC days....

Now facing, leg muscle cramp and pain. Think i strained my muscles too much, during the finishing lap to the finishing line.

Today is sherman's 21st birthday party @ downtown east ntuc chalet. Brought my DSLR, and took sherman to be my specimen. I think i seriously need alot of practice and research on the functions and modes. Luckily, some of the pictures didn't turned out, jialiat. OH! due to the strong flash from the camera, some of the people in the pictures, looked like "men in white". *shake head*


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another one of the group, An adult.

Had brian's 21st birthday celebration, last friday evening @ 6pm...Pity he isn't going to be able to celebrate his actual adulthood day, as he has to stay-in camp. But HEY! that's not going to be bad, i had my birthday, at tekong. LOL.

Poor brian, but we did made it up to him. LOL!

He had his birthday cake blown, right outside plaza nice was that?

Dinner was taken @ swensens. Dearest and i took the opportunity to snap a few photos of ourselves. Hee Hee.

Well, what can i say? We still looked like BF and GF, although we are married liao le. Nice....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The experience of a daddy

Many days passed, without an update of the happenings around me.

Well, firstly...the end product of my mother's hardwork creation for her grandson, baby mavrick. Looks good, and solid.

Baby mavrick, just celebrated his one month birth, and yea, everything was good. Thanks, everybody for coming, and being so forthcoming, although it was a pity, that baby mavrick didn't really got to see, everybody on the spot, because he was simply too popular to be in one spot of the house. hahaha! But i hope everybody that came, enjoyed the simple fare, that i put out for everybody. =)

Hmmm, it wasn't easy, taking care of baby mavrick, especially during his night was considered to be a nightmare carried out while being half awaken. Hahaha, had to pat him to sleep, most of the time, as he tend to be scared out of sleep, and start to stir and cry. Most unforgettable moment of the night, would be the sharp crying, and his cry, cry, cry, cry, cry, and cry, non-stop kind.

Seriously, its not easy being a dad.