Friday, June 27, 2008

Talk of the week in Camp, or rather in my comfortable bunk, aka bed space

Well, the talk of this week ending 29th june 2008, was the talk and action by the last M1's catchy advertisement about, "you deserve better".

Actually it was me who started the talk off in my bunk, after i saw the ad, during the commerial break, from the weekday 9pm show, on channel 8. My buddy in my bunk also followed the actions, with me, thus it became a platoon thingy. LOL! not sure when it will end, but it will sure to stunt my commanders, if we could do the actions together as a platoon.

Had been quite a "busy" week, going for outfield almost daily, for training. My neck suffered from sunburnt. OUCH! but used to it liao.

Next week, after wednesday, would be relaxing for the platoon, i hope.

Had a long weekend this week, due to a free off day given to the battalion. I finally brought my blanket home, to wash, after meeting it and sleeping with it, for a year, but maybe not a year, calculating the days i was away in aust, and in india. BUT still, washing it was inevitable.

I had been catching some prank videos on youtube. A funny japanese video as such:

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Those were the

Yesterday, Bing and i went outing, to many places.

Firstly, we went to tampines mall, to have our lunch, kinda late lunch. @ the kopitiam, there was where i saw my platoon mate, mr bryon king. He is seriously, one of the guy i admire for his heck care posture and behaviours. But anyway, i saw him and before bing and i left the kpt, we "dropped" by to say HELLO! !@#@@$. LOL

After Tampines mall, we headed for changi airport, where we spent the rest of the day there. Changi airport was the place where i took all the pictures above. My encounter with the kids in the picture and video, reminded me of my past.

My past of childhood play. The kids were basically playing with just a empty ice cream cup, and their small "spoon". They were just playing with what they had, and they seems rather happy.

WOAH! talking about kids and their imaginations. In fact, bing and i agreed that the generation of children had revolved into a generation of smart children, which are the products of the milks.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A new double age digit

Well, i turned 22 last wednesday, dated 18th june 2008. Actually i kinda sad, because this is the 2nd time, where i had to "celebrate" my birthday in an army camp premises.

Last year, in 2007, bo bian, have to go thru BMT, so forwarded my birthday to the 9th of june. It was a very exciting birthday as 21st birthday only comes once in a lifetime, and it marks the end of "childhood" and the start of adulthood. Many people came and gifts was received. Nice...

I wouldn't say my birthday in 2008 was a bad one to begin with. My platoon mates brought me a nice slice of cake, and gave me sweets, plus a small pink coin purse, i don't why, but it was there, on my shoe rack. LOL!

For photographic reason, i didn't open up the packaging of the cake, to eat it. But instead i brought it home today, to picture it, in my camera phone. To show my appreciation, because i always believe in the phrase: "a picture speaks a thousand words".

Thanks to Yang Hong, Jia Xing, Wen Bin, and You Sheng.

MY Past years photos:

This was my 20th Birthday Cake

This was my 21st birthday cake

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Clifton, A friend of mine which i will never forget.

A tragic death to who i considered to be a very cheerful friend of mine, which passed away last wednesday, outside the shores of singapore.

Clifton Lam, a young and promising future pilot to be, was a good friend of mine and chee siang, during our days together in SKSS, sec 2. I could never forget that charming smile of his, charming everybody around him. His smile will make an indiviual smile with him, no matter what.

He left the world and his friends, the memories of his laughters and unforgettable smile, on 10th June 2008.

I delicated this blog post to my friend, Clifton Lam. You will always be remembered by those who read this post. God bless you.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Monday & then Friday - i love fridays

Well, monday was as usual, the start of a new week, for everybody. Be it if you are work, school, home, sleeping, dreaming or whatever you are doing, the fact which nobody can escape is MONDAY is blues and its a start to a new week in whichever year, you are in.

I dread that fact. YUCKS!

Well, so much for a brand new start to the 23rd week of year 2008, seems like every week i'm doing the same thing over and over again, in camp.

But there is one thing i always enjoy working on and realising it, THAT is BOOK OUT!

Somehow, i encountered one particular incident in which it happened to me before, but i didn't realise it and of course not to mention, ponder and give thoughts into it.

On last friday afternoon, there was this 1st sergent, who asked a group of my platoon mates (inclusive of myself) to clean up the containers that just came back from india recently, initially we were told by our commanders to clean up, just those containers that carried our goods, but the 1st sgt just came and barked at us, and demanded that we clean up every containers there were, in the area, which i counted was 15 containers. OH MY GOD LA, 1 container took us about 10 mintues to clear up, and imagine 15 containers x 10 mintues = 150mins ( 1hr plus ).

The thing that i want to highlight in this entry wasn't the clearing up of the containers or 15 containers at one go, but rather i want to bring the scope to the barking and unreasonable demands that was demanded and spoken out by that 1st sgt.

The barking wasn't of much a help to the process of clearing up the containers, as courtesy would be helpful as, we wouldn't be filled with anger and grumble, as we clear the containers. Instead of using words like: " OI! Clear up all the containers here, and HELLO! can't you see there are pail of paints in front of you, bring them over there and put!" I suggest using words like:" dun mind, please help me clear up the containers, as i only one person here doing, i need your help. Please help me carry the pails of paint over to there and put, thank you.

Simple and short words like the latter phrase would sure bring people whom you dunno, to help you no matter what, perhaps to win their hearts over, to help you further in future, as there would never be an ending to moving things from one end to the other end in army.

Vedict: Ponder over words, before using them unwisely, as unwise words may lead to unwanted trouble and as the folks said before, trouble starts from our mouth.