Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Updates about 2009, before 2010

Well, looking back, it had certainly been a eventful year.

Beginning of 2009, we had the West coast run, that was the first time, i gave red packets to all my platoon mates, and after which, meibing and i have to give red packets to all the younger generations. Siong. Total in all, we must prepare $400. Speechless.

After the chinese new year celebration, it was my first wedding anniversay. I can't say, i did a fantasic job in that, but still, singapore was really small and we didn't had a ride to go anywhere far. So we had our dinner at an italian resturant, recommanded by many, at seragoon garden.

3months later, i prepare to ORD from army. hee hee. ORD LOH!

In order to feed my family, i got myself a job as a nokia sales consultant, instantly after ORD. It was sheer pressure to work in parkway parade, seriously. BUT! it was a good training ground for me, and i learnt pretty much. after 3mths of probation, i was then transfered to vivocity, where i faced many brands of phone, but my job is still the same, to promote nokia phones.

I didn't did a good job in that aspect because i was too general, when customers asked for recommandations, so as to save my own butt, i became general and non aggressive. Its better for customers to choose whichever they want to purchase rather than purchasing something that they didn't even have an interest in. Choices in them, rather that choices in me.

So i decided to resign, and join another company, which has a different field. Human resourcing, aka recuitment consultant, with MCI recuitment agency.

I give myself another 3mths time, if this job doesn't suit me, i'm not going to stay.

thats kinda about it for 2009, look forward to a better 2010, as its the year of the tiger.