Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flu bugs flying around, everywhere.

It had been quite awhile since i last caught a flu, or did i caught it and recovered from it as soon as i caught it? hmmmm, but i cannot recall when was the last time i caught a major sickness, such as flu and fever.

I just caught it, 2 days back, while i was using my laptop in my room, when suddenly, my eyes started to have that burning sensation, and a slight headache hit me. So i decided to rest early for the night.

The next morning, i woke up developing a fever. Darn jialiat. Whole body very weak, and my head felt heavy and giddy.

Self medicated using panadol cold relief, got slightly better, and went out for a movie, with my pals from GV, terminator salvation.

The show, i wonder really has an ending, and its kinda not up to my expectation. Maybe i expected too much from the movie. *sigh*

Next up, revenge of the fallen: transformer. *nice* =)